Fixing for a Future is a collaboration between Sustaining Dunbar and Climate Action East Linton. It is funded for 2 years, April 2020-April 2022, by the Climate Challenge Fund. 

The Aims

  • Increasing understanding of climate change in the local community and beyond

  • Facilitating discussion about climate change

  • Promoting the circular economy

  • Enabling an increase in skills to repair belongings

  • Encouraging an ethos of reducing consumption, waste to landfill and CO2 emissions

  • Creating a better informed, more resilient community

Our original plan, prior to Covid-19, was to deliver:

  • 24 monthly Repair Cafes

  • 10 series of Skills Workshops (2 joinery, 4 clothes repair and 4 bicycle repair)

  • Training to 8 people to become Carbon Conversation Facilitators

Due to Covid-19, between April 2020 and April 2021 we altered and adapted our activities and delivered the following to the local community:


  • A series of online conversations focusing on themes of Consumption; Work & Use of Time; Nature and Environment

  • A series of online sewing classes for beginners, delivered by Sheena from Seams Sew, a Dunbar-based business

  • 6 Carbon Conversations, delivered to community groups in East Linton and Dunbar (following the completion of online Carbon Conversation Facilitator training by 8 people)

  • 2 Bicycle Repair Cafes at The Mart, East Linton

  • A series of interviews with local people involved in repair, reuse, recycle initiatives

You can find out more about all of these activities - and more - in our blog.

From April 2021 onwards the primary component of Fixing for a Future is East Linton Tool Library, along with the delivery of Skills Workshops teaching skills in the repair of textiles, clothing, furniture and bicycles.